About CTs

Cosmetic Therapy is defined by Ohio Revised Code 4713.01.

[“Cosmetic therapy” means the permanent removal of hair from the human body through the use of electric modalities and may include the systematic friction, stroking, slapping, and kneading or taping of the face, neck, scalp, or shoulders.]

Laser hair removal can be doctor delegated under Ohio Revised Code 4731.33 Use of light-based medical devices for hair removalRead More Here

CT Career Brochure

What does this mean?

In the state of Ohio electrolysis is not regulated but a proper education is still required. Those who go through Cosmetic Therapy training which currently there are only 3 approved schools for, can also perform head/neck/shoulder massages and if additional training requirements are met can be delegated laser hair removal.


Laser Delegation Training Checklist

  1. Completed a minimum of 750 clock hours from a cosmetic therapy training program
  2. Completed 8 hours of basic laser education that must include all the following topics: laser physics, tissue interaction, laser procedure safety and proper equipment use, clinical application, preoperative/postoperative patient care, and reporting of adverse events.
  3. Observe 15 procedures for each type of laser to be delegated *
  4. Perform 20 procedures under supervision for each type of laser to be delegated *
  5. Receive a passing score one time from the Certified Laser Professional exam administered by the Society of Clinical and Medical Hair Removal.
  6. Cosmetic therapist must maintain documentation of successful completion of training requirements. **

*If training for the use of both alexandrite and YAG (or other) delegation, you will need to observe 30 treatments and perform 40 treatments under supervision accordingly (half from each type).

Steps 1-6 will get you in compliance for ON-SITE supervision only (delegating doctor in the building but not attending the delegated procedure).

To earn OFF-SITE Supervision (delegating doctor is not in the building but is available for continuous direct communication) the cosmetic therapist must in addition to above meet the following:

  1. Delegating doctor approves of the laser training you had (Example manufactures training vs school-based instruction)
  2. Laser training must have consisted of 50 hours, 30 of which in clinical experience. **
  3. Worked under on-site supervision for a sufficient period of time that satisfies delegating doctor’s confidence in your competence.
  4.  Cosmetic therapist must maintain documentation of successful completion of training requirements.

**Delegating doctor can fill in clinical hours (observation/supervised procedures requirements) with you via direct physical oversite if your formal training did not meet the requirements as long as your course instruction did meet the 8 hours of basic training and covered all the required topics. In this case, be sure to have documentation of the training details (hours completed and/or details on quantity of procedures observed/supervised from both your school and a letter from your delegating doctor confirming the rest under their direct physical supervision.)