Many Changes in 2021

The 2020’s have not gotten off to a good start! Last year our businesses were shut down for 1/6th of the year during a once in a lifetime public health crisis. After navigating the changes in social behaviors and health safety standards, we got thrown another curve ball in the unlicensure of Cosmetic Therapy by House Bill 442 of the 133rd Ohio General Assembly. CTAO and other parties worked with lobbyists, lawyers, and senators to update details around the profession’s definition. In the end there was a compromise to add the light based doctor delegation State Medical Board of Ohio (SMBO) rule into law. It ended more complicated than it had to be, but we did achieve our objective of retaining our rights to laser hair removal and keeping aligned with SMBO as much as possible.

We are excited to explore the new opportunities these changes have allowed us. We look forward to providing classes on topics we’ve been limited in doing when there were continuing education to prioritize. Now we can look into growing our hive knowledge on resources to supplement our business growth such as finances, taxes, marketing, social media and much more!