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There are around 185 Cosmetic Therapists in the State of Ohio. We need solidarity in numbers and support our expertise in the field of hair removal. By joining the Association, you will benefit from availability of continuing education, keeping updated with the current laws and the latest technology of hair removal and most of all sharing information with each other.


OSHA training was successful for this fall. We will be offering it again and will put out notification.

 Continuing Education is not required


        As of April 12, 2021, Cosmetic Therapy is no longer a licensed profession. We still must complete schooling to practice and there is still a legal definition describing what constitutes what a Cosmetic Therapist is. However, there is no way for our association to proactively obtain contact information for new graduates. You do not need to be a member to sign up for our updates on the profession. 

If you need added to our outreach list, contact us at

          We reach out to Cosmetic Therapists annually to announce upcoming business events and training or major announcements for the field regarding legislation or the State Medical Board of Ohio rule outcomes. Members of CTAO receive more detailed progress updates periodically throughout the year. It is important to provide us your contact information so we can serve you best! 

Now Accepting 2023-2024 Membership

Memberships will only be sold in 2-year terms and renewal will be timed with the bi-annual Board Elections that will be held consistently at the fall seminar.



To send a money order or check, make out to CTAO c/o Elaine Nelson and send to the following:

CTAO c/o Elaine Nelson
5822 Woodhill St.
Painesville, OH 44077