CTAO Benefits

Benefits of CTAO Membership:

1. CTAO holds two annual meetings with continuing education offered to licensed Cosmetic Therapist and offer discounted prices to members. 

2. CTAO has a formed a relationship with the State of Ohio Medical Board (OSMB) that started by organizing the Cosmetic Therapy Advisory Committee. The advisory committee had members that represent our profession at board meetings and discussed continuing education programs, examination protocol, rules changes, etc. The advisory committee members were elected from committee members with review of applications. CTAO had a representative on this committee until it disbanded. We remain active with the OSMB.

3. CTAO have employed lobbyist George Dunigan for many years; Mr. Dunigan and members of CTAO has worked to protect our licensing since house bill #289 was enacted in 1985. We wished him well in his retirement in 2017. 

4. CTAO led the way for Cosmetic Therapists to do laser hair removal, this was the first rule enacted in the United States to permit or license the use of lasers by electrologists.

5. CTAO has a scholarship program for a deserving person for continuing education or basic education.

6. CTAO developed the Cosmetic Therapy Program at Lorain County Community College. It took CTAO members 5 years to get this program up and running!

7. CTAO offers continuing education home programs.

8. CTAO provides a newsletter to all CT’s in Ohio.

9. CTAO has an active website to enable members to link their websites to it and providing information and resources.